At Just Ice, our business model is pretty simple: we make ice, we sell ice – Just Ice! Sure, it’s frozen water, what is the big deal? At least that’s what most of our customers say until they see our carefully crafted products.

Then the question becomes: wow! How do you do that, how do you make it so perfect?

The Machinery

You might be surprised to find that commercial ice has a long history dating back to the Sumerians, who had many different strategies to make, process and ship ice. Today, advances in technology and technique have opened doors to the creation of many different types of ice for both drinking and all kinds of industrial applications.

Our team uses something commonly referred to as a “clinebell ice” or “clear block ice.” All of our ice is made in a cabinet that produces 300lb. blocks of crystal clear ice. These machines are called “Clinebells,” named for their #1 manufacturer in the US, located in Colorado. Like all of our machines and most of our equipment, the Clinebells are made right here in the USA!

The Ice-Making Process

The Clinebell machines turn water into pristine, perfectly clear blocks of ice through a relatively easy process. Each machine is made up of an insulated cabinet, two giant springform pans to hold the ice, a freezer plate at the bottom of the cabinet and circulation pumps to regulate the temperature.

We place hoist straps and a liner in each pan and fill it with water. We then turn the machine on and wait until a thin layer of ice has formed at the bottom of each pan. We then turn on the circulating pumps in order to retard the freezing process. This does several things:

  1. It keeps the mineral content of the water suspended in a solution. As solution freezes at a lower temperature than water does, the water freezes first, naturally filtering out the sediment.
  2. It degasses the water, so that no bubbles are present in the ice.
  3. It also makes the ice form a more homogeneous crystalline structure, by retarding the crystal formation process.

As you can see, at Just Ice, we take pride in our work and love what we do. Beyond selling ice for a variety of uses, we aim to ensure that each crystal clear ice product we create will leave you wondering, how did they do that?

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