Clear Block Ice

Can be made with a clinebell, in a brine block ice plant, or harvested from a lake or river Used mainly for sculpture, also for food display and drink ice. Food grade clear block is used for large format drink ice. We use the clinebell method!

Block Ice

Block ice, also known as can ice (not clear): usually made in a brine block plant, also can be made with a small block machine large blocks are used for seafood processing, shipping, and construction. small blocks are used for shave ice

Dry Ice

Dry Ice is made of compressed CO2, this solid sublimates (melts) at -109.3F making it dangerous to handle without protection. It’s made by compressing CO2 until it reaches a liquid state, then reducing the pressure causing it to evaporate, thereby lowering the temperature and causing the gas to form a solid. It’s often manufactured by industries that have CO2 as an idustrial bi-product, such as oil refineries, ammonia production, or large scale fermentation. Dry ice is used in laboratories, cold chain shipping, industrial cleaning, and tiki bars and haunted houses nation wide.

Fragmentary Ice

This is most ice made by machines, or in bagged ice production. It can be broken down into three basic types.

Plate Ice

Plate ice is formed by cascading water across a freezer plate. The water forms a thin layer of perfectly clear ice; when it reaches a certain thickness the plate is heated, causing the sheet of ice to drop into an awaiting bin for processing. This process is used in cube ice machines, with the freezer plate being sectioned off into a grid.

Tube Ice

Tube is formed by cascading water over a series of freezing tubes. When it reaches desired thickness the tubes are heated causing the ice to drop off into an awaiting bin for use or processing.

Flake Ice

Flake ice is made by spraying water over the inside of a frozen drum, which is then harvested from the inside of the evaporator barrel by a rotating auger. It can also be used to make nugget ice, which is just pelletized flake ice. Flake ice is used for packing produce, fish, and meats. Nugget ice is also known as the chewable ice and is most popularly used in Sonic’s custom sodas and tiki drinks!

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