About Just Ice

Just Ice, Inc. was conceived of by Ultimate Power Couple Rosanna Lloyd and Mike Ryan; partly out of necessity and partly out of curiosity. At the time Mike Ryan was bartending at Sable Kitchen and Bar in River North, Chicago. Always looking to up his cocktail game, he started to explore ice as an ingredient. In particular, perfectly clear, large format ice. It was something that was being done in Japan and New York with some success, but hadn’t really filtered out into the rest of the market. Mike started buying ice blocks from a local ice carver and breaking them down with a cheap chainsaw in the hotel parking-garage. Needless to say, this wasn’t sustainable, or advisable, or safe.

Rosanna Lloyd was working as a race mechanic at the time and become curious about clear ice production after talking to Mike about the perceived need for it. It seemed like a simple problem with a million solutions. Being a fixer and a natural problem solver this appealed to her.

The two started doing some research and decided to visit a company in New York that was already producing what would become known as “artisanal ice”, or “craft ice”. The company was called HundredWeight Ice, owned and operated by Richie Boccato and Zachary Gelnaw-Rubin, out of the back of their bar: Dutch Kills. After much negotiation, Rosanna and Mike decided to start their own ice company in Chicago. Just Ice, Inc. was incorporated on February 22, 2013.

Since then Just Ice, Inc. has been cranking out crystal clear large format ice for the high-end bar scene of Chicago. Just Ice moved locations in 2016 to their current facility at The Plant: 1400 W. 46th St. in Chicago’s Back of The Yards and has been keeping it cool ever since.

Meet the Team

Rosanna Lloyd

Rosanna is the only surviving member of a team of xenoarchaeologists assigned to pierce the veil of the Frozen World. She was granted mastery over ice after spending a decade locked in mental combat with the Crystalline Entity of the Outerverse.

Laurel Waldo

Swam all the way up the Mississippi from St. Louis to go to Columbia College for Print Making. Is very handy when she retracts her flippers.

Taylor Smith

Bastard son of a nordic ice god. Exhiled from Valhalla, and subsequently adopted by a really nice couple from Bartlett, IL. Taylor’s specialties include saber tooth tiger riding, ice lassooing, and ice production efficiency. He has an amazing falsetto.

Chris Brown

Morale officer, tunesmith, stress-fest.

Cold Thomas

Cold Thomas is a sentient block of ice who hurtled to Earth centuries ago to escape the destruction of its home planet by Hot Daniel. It now lurks within the Ice Cave, gathering information about our planet through its human puppets.