About Us

Just Ice started in 2013, when Rosanna noticed a need for quality, crystal-clear ice in Chicago’s bar industry. And while you can find our ice in more than just bars now, Just Ice is still committed to creating perfect cubes, spheres, and more to help keep your drinks looking beautiful and maintain the integrity of the flavor. Slower melt rates means less overhead bars costs, and prettier cocktails mean your bar is photographed more for social media while classic cocktail sales skyrocket.

But it’s not just about seeing our ice in cocktails across Chicago – it’s also about the community our ice is made in. Our ice is proudly made in the Back of the Yards neighborhood at The Plant, a food business incubator focused on closing waste, resource and energy loops. Want to learn more and see the space? Schedule a tour with The Plant today!

Our Team

Our team is as creative outside of work as they are with ice. Any guesses who our musicians, ice carvers or repair people are? See if you got it right below!

Rosanna Lloyd

Rosanna started Just Ice in 2013 and has been riding the ice wave ever since. She has been involved in various parts of the Chicago restaurant industry since moving here for culinary school in 2001. When the weather is nice you can find her riding anything with two wheels, and when the weather is bad you can find here desperately trying to fix her many broken 2 wheeled vehicles.

Taylor Smith

Production Manager/Office/Driver
Taylor is our resident Jack-of-all-trades. He’s been at Just Ice since we were just a wee bitty company. When he’s not juggling his various jobs, he can be found taking long bike rides, quoting sports statistics, and is a history buff.

Chris “Bubbles” Brown

Office Manager/Production
Chris braves papercuts, printer jams, and lengthy phonecalls to keep our office running smoothly. When not knee deep in paperwork, Bubs can be found playing folk music at honky tonks around the city, or making visual art.

Laurel Waldo

Production manager/Ice carver
Laurel’s favorite food is cheese! She is an accomplished singer/songwriter and a pinball fanatic. She is also the head carver/creative at Just Ice and is always coming up with fantastic new designs and drawings for ice products.

Mike Smith

Production Manager/Ice Carver
Mike is an up and coming ice carver, rapper, and motivational speaker. He left a career in horticulture to pursue ice full time and is constantly thinking of ways to improve our production line.

Fredy Granados:

Fredy knows the latest slang and does a mean Boston accent. In addition to delivering ice at the speed of light, he is also great at entertaining the staff with his witty charm.

Joe Harris

When Joe isn’t dumping all his cash into keeping his Jeep from falling apart, he can be found fixing and building things for Just Ice. Joe also likes long drives with a van full of ice and podcasts.

LaShonda Griffin

LaShonda loves playing football and is a linebacker to be reckoned with. She also has several years experience as a trail builder, can use pretty much any power tool out there, and is one of our most fashionable employees.

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