We have a few standard options:

2"x2"x2.5" rock: $0.65 each: Fits standard 11-12 oz rocks or old-fashioned glasses

1.5"x1.5"x4" spear: $0.65 each: Fits standard 11-15 oz collins or highball glasses

2.75" diameter sphere: $4.50 each: The ultimate in frozen luxury

Punch Blocks: 3"x3"x3": $3 each; 4"x4"x4": $5 each; call for pricing on custom sizes.

We also offer specialty services, such as impregnated or decorated ice, flavored ice, larger size punch blocks, etc. Please contact us for pricing and customization!

If you'd like to up your game with large-format ice at your next event, please keep in mind a couple of things:

1. Our delivery minimum is $65, and we deliver anywhere within Chicago city limits. Smaller orders or out-of-city deliveries will be subject to a delivery fee.

2. You will need some sort of temperature-stable storage method onsite. We recommend a freezer (it's ice, after all) or at least a well-insulated cooler. We can provide a portable freezer or cooler for a daily rental fee.

3. For smaller amounts you can pick up the ice yourself at our warehouse space at 2621 West Grand. Please let us know ahead of time when you'll be coming by so we can let you in. You'll want to bring a cooler with you, or at least roll your windows down (December-March only).

4. Event deliveries are COD, we accept cash, check or CC.

5. Please try to give us at least 24 hours notice, we can't guarantee fulfillment at the drop of a hat--but we will do our best.