About Us

JustIce is a Chicago ice company, dedicated to the proposition that very cold water in a crystalline lattice structure can enhance and elevate cocktail and spirits service.

Rosanna Lloyd

Rosanna is the only surviving member of a team of xenoarchaeologists assigned to pierce the veil of the Frozen World. She was granted mastery over ice after spending a decade locked in mental combat with the Crystalline Entity of the Outerverse.

Mike Ryan

Mike was near-fatally wounded in the Revolutionary War when he and Frederick Tudor tunneled under the Channel in a bold attempt to disrupt the British supply chain. They were cryogenically frozen by Dr. Morbidius until the present day, and the rest is history.

Taylor Smith

Bastard son of a nordic ice god. Exhiled from Valhalla, and subsequently adopted by a really nice couple from Bartlett, IL. Taylor's specialties include saber tooth tiger riding, ice lassooing, and ice production efficiency. He has an amazing falsetto.

Chris Brown

Morale officer, tunesmith, stress-fest.

Danny Sawyer

Can shatter windows with the sheer force of his positivity.

Chris Cole

Chris is extremely nice. DO NOT TEST HIM. He will be REALLY NICE TO YOU.

Laurel Waldo

Swam all the way up the mississipi from St. Louis to go to Columbia College for Print Making. Is very handy when she retracts her flippers.

Cold Thomas

Cold Thomas is a sentient block of ice who hurtled to Earth centuries ago to escape the destruction of its home planet by Hot Daniel. It now lurks within the Ice Cave, gathering information about our planet through its human puppets.