Hand-crafted Cocktail Ice

A wide selection of artisanal ice forms for cocktail and spirits service.

Ice blocks, cubes and globes
Custom cocktails

Custom Ice

JustIce can provide custom ice solutions, from extra-large blocks to custom shapes and forms, and unique expressions for your bar or event.

Large ice cube and glass

JustIce is just ice: we specialize in the creation of quality crystal-clear ice in cube, block, globe and custom shapes, for use by Chicago-area restaurants and bars in the presentation of their finest cocktails. We have a dedicated team of ice professionals on staff to help develop custom solutions for large and small events.

Why ice? Specifically, why larger format ice?

Large, crystal clear ice blocks keep a drink colder longer, with less dilution, preserving the integrity of the cocktail or spirit.

Custom event creations

We've developed dozens of unique solutions for events across the board, from large scale charity balls to smaller artist shows. Ask us how we can help your event stand out!

Cocktails and Spirit Enhancement

We have developed several flavored and decorated ice options. Ask us how we can take your program to the next level!.

Our Offerings

Bars and Restaurants

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